Sunday, September 4, 2011

Abt jquery drilldown

It was a boring weekend once again and I wished to author a jquery plugin for drilldown operation. Atlast I did it and commited in GIT Link to Git Repo
Really awesome job by jquery team. I never felt that it is difficult to create a plugin. It was full of fun and my day passed by in a useful way :)

Abt my plugin,
This is a plugin which helps to implement drill down in jquery.
To start working on it u need jquery latest version
U need to include either jquery.drilldown.min.js/jquery.drilldown.js in your javascript src



animate: true; // Default 'true' *Not required

container : ".divname|#spanName" //No Default values *Required 

listParam : "list" // Default 'list', see the demo for explanation

direction : 0 // Default 0->vertical, 1->horizontal

callBack  : test // Default 'null', Call back function to be used on selection


Elements inside Drill Down are li elements with class name drillItem. You can write a customized style for it
Container is the element specified by the user. So, Sytling is upto the user