Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Javascript - A Reference for Beginners

Javascript Resources for beginners

Javascript is one of the best programming languages that I had come across as a programmer
Once I got a chance to know the good parts of javascript from Crockford from this video
I got some interest in exploring all that good parts in full.
First thing that impressed me from Crockford's presentation was
"Javascript is the only programming language which people dare to use before learning it"
Till that point I belonged to the same category that Crockford mentioned in the above quote

So, I began to spend some valuable time with the language to come out of that crowd

As a first thing I read a really nice book "Pro Javascript Techniques"
Then, I got a chance to attend a javascript conference jsFoo organised by HasGeek
There were really nice and lightning talks on advanced javascript techniques in which I had no knowledge about till that point.
I just observed the talks and grasped as much as I could.

After the day 1 of that conference my exploration on javascript techniques started.
Let me take you through the resources which gave me a clear picture on javascript and its awesome parts

When we start of with any programming language, it is necessary to know all datatypes and character set it supports
For javascript I followed this post on

Is javascript pass by value or reference? Check out my blog post ;)

Javascript is one of the languages ( might be only too ;) ) where point of declaration of a function matters in execution order
You can understand the reason for above fact in this nice blog

Understand lexical scoping before writing nested functions in javascript. This article might be helpful

To have a in-depth knowledge in the concept of closures and prototype chaining , once you are aware of lexical scoping follow an awesome post
Also beware of this anti pattern while using closures

Really nice blog on when and when not use new operator [Don't dare to miss the comments on the post @yuiblog]

Then go ahead with what we call constructors in javascript

Once you understand the concept of constructors and functions, you can go ahead with a bunch of design patterns neatly explained

Want to test yourself on the above said concepts??
Try this awesome piece

Other interesting concepts like

One other blog post on javascript resources online

In the whole blog I never concentrated on Javascript's interaction with DOM. It is a very vaaaast play ground :)

Hope all these links makes some sense to you :)