Monday, May 20, 2013

A Run for World without Leprosy - Run to remember

And My First 10K Marathon [TCS World 10K] - A run for world without leprosy

Was yet another usual day to work post my work out session @Music&Metals. Reached my workstation and booted my ubuntu to start with the proceedings of the day. The moment I logged in to my user, my mouse pointer rushed towards the Chrome Icon in unity launcher. Guess what? It's just to see if there are any updates in my FB home. And there it was, nice red color icon over the world of FB. It was a post from Dr. Manimozhi Natarajan, in our Gym's [Music & Metals] closed group. Urged to read what it is about, and it was an invite to all fiddles in M&M to participate in a 10K Marathon for a cause which was about to happen two week from then. And there you go.. I was realizing my wish to go for a long distance run coming true. And a pause [Ooops].

In my previous trip to our Mumbai Dev Center, I got to know that 4 of our team mates are participating in a 4*5Km relay and they are practicing for weeks to do well on the race day. I being with no practice in running and willing to complete 10K with ease?? Got to be kidding!! What next? I need practice!!, that too without a break [13 more days and you are at the start line]. I know me well, I'll give up very soon on things like these [after all I'm a human with laziness]. So, I badly wanted a partner who can give me a push whenever I get that feeling to stop.

And there he is!! here comes my savior - Durga Prasad. My one and only companion in Bangalore team who also is interested in stuffs like this. I didn't resist to ask him for his wish. And he accepted without taking a moment to think. Just in 10 min after entering the office we got to leave to submit our application to AMICI [AIFO India's Center] and confirm our participation to Dr. Manimozhi. Dr. was so excited that he got such a quick response from his gym pals and it was like attending Kaun Banega Crorepati while filling down our application form.

Dr. : Are you sure you wanna run 10K
We : Yes
Dr. : Odiduveengla pa? [Will you be able to finish?]
We : Yes
Dr. : Kashtamachae.. Idhukku munnadi odirukeengla? [Difficult it is. Have you got some experience?]
We : No, but we'll practice
Dr. : So, I'm locking yes.
We : Yes
Dr. : Computer Ji Lock Yes :P

The next tough moment was, when they didn't accept the registration fee from us. They said that the organization will sponsor us. Oops now we have no other go. We didn't want to feel guilty for making someone pay our fee and in response we fail to make the finish line. So, the responsibility had been kept heavy on our shoulders.

The next morning @5:30 my wake up alarm rang. I didn't wait for that 5 more min after an alarm, which gives you the best sleep in your life. Woke up immediately, prepared myself for the first day run. Meeting at Durga's place [near Leela palace] and completing the onward journey to inner ring road [3.76 Km] was the plan for day 1. Everything went fine till we realized that its time to start. We started our longest run till then [3.76Km, at least in my life]. We had to stop at 2 places just because we couldn't continue running. Terrified now. 12 more days, 7 more Kms without stop [Oops !!!]. We started preparing our mind now that we could make it. We just took the positives that happened on that day to get over the fear of failure :)
Day 2: Same plan. 3.76 Km. Very glad news. We didn't stop :) Was so happy on that day. Our mind accepted the challenge and it was ready.
Day 3: 4Km. Successful, No stop.
Day 4: 6 Km with no stops but walking on every uphill [Good enough in first try] and we made it.
Day 5 to 8: Thanks to CSK Match & weekends :P Both of us had plan to visit our home town and we had no other go, but to discontinue our practice [I continued my workouts, on Day 5 & 6]. Anyways Durga managed to continue it at his home town [Good job].
Day 9: 7.8 Km no stop [300m of walking alone]. I was not in this world when we reached that Domlur Flyover without a stop on our run towards home. We never believed that we would be able to make it.
Day 10: Once again 7.8Km with no stop. Target achieved.
Day 11: Drop in plan as we were very tired of 2 days of long distance running.
Day 12: Just 4Km but fast running. Did at a better pace. But learnt what not to do on the race day [Don't start fast, if so you'll want to stop fast].
Day 13: Rest for the race day.
Day 14: I reached the finish line in 1hr 2Min and my partner finished in 1hr 4min. Oh my goodness!!! We got medals :) Felt so happy that we made it and our practice made our lives easier.

Vote of Thanks:
1. AIFO India [AMICI]: For giving me an opportunity to make our run meaningful and trusting us on our words :) Have decided to represent them in further marathons I might run in my life :) [Too Sentimental huh? :P] Also for the Reebok Tee I got on our pre-event gathering :P [Mr. Jose, Mr. Patrick, Dr. Mani, Mr. Jayanth, Dr. Prasad, Mr. Nyjil and other members of AIFO India]
2. Dr. Manimozhi: Everything just happened was just because of him :) Will accompany you in your dream 10K run :P
3. Jibin Kumar: For Music Metals and making the event memorable with a good bunch [10 - 5.7K runners] of participants. Anddd for the Briyani treat [with Supra] to celebrate the success @nandhini ;) :)

And Some Happy Moments:

This post might be tooooo much for just a marathon finish.. But First - always is special and it is good to register the moment :)
If your mind believes, your body assists with an ease :) Push.. Push.. Push..
Our Next Target: On June 9th..